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I know RG has some passionate and faithful fans. We were in force with "Rally for Robby" and Runner Up for the ALL STAR FAN VOTE. But curious as to how far fans will go display their support...has anyone ever shaved a "7" on their head? Got a SPEED ENERGY LOGO Tattoo? What's the furthest thing you've done to show support? What have you done to "Show Some Speed"? Love to see some pics or posts...

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Good stuff, Josh

Spped Energy Tattoo? Well I don't have one, but at the NH Indy Car race I was wearing I think my SpeedFactory shirt (one of my old S shirts) and a drunk guy came up to me to show me his S tattoo (on his arm, not a tramp stamp) I wanted to tell him it really looked ugly but didn't as not to cause any trouble. The S just didn't quite look right, and then he started talking about some bicycle company.

I used to pay more in shipping than I did for the actual product until I started making 6 hour treks to Duluth, Minnesota to buy SPEED (and when I do, I buy $100+ of SPEED).. that's all I got.. sorry.

Always wearing an RGM/RGOR/SPEED hat and RGM hoodie.

I'm going to convince my buddy to put a small SPEED cooler in his pro shop.

I found these pictures.

the first one is taken on the shores of Lake Superior last spring. Another RG fan and I did a 3 day hike (~35km) and we brought a can of SPEED with us..

The second pic is what happens when you crave SPEED and can only get it intermittently. It was fun explaining to the Border Guard why I had so much of the stuff..


I bought a case of speed today at 4 wheel parts in austin

A picture of my office. You'll notice a certain theme.

My buddy, a starving artist, created a lot of unique RG art while we were at the Glen. Since I'm a big fan he tends to capture a lot of the orange Speed machine. You can check out his stuff on my wall, at the link below, and the photo below.
Henry Rowan

That's an awesome picture!

I shaved a 7 on both sides of my dog before we headed up to Martinsville, and Rob had his best finish there.....but not my own hair. lol


My WaveRunner is decked out in SPEED.

Very cool! Paul


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