So I stumbled across a link for the Shorty Awards & looked into it. This from their site.
The Shorty Awards honor the best of social media, recognizing the people and organizations producing real-time short form content on across Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Foursquare, and the rest of the social Web. The link is pre-loaded with @RobbyGordon in #athlete. I also nominated @Head_Held_High for #PR & @bobbychuck for #photography. Wish I could put the whole media team in there, since the whole continent of South America seems to be a Robby Gordon/SPEEDTeamUSA fan now. AND WAIT, there's more! There's also a catagory for #Fansite too! Anybody think of a good candidate for that one? ...ya, me neither.
Anyways, you know he we do it over here, vote early, vote often. Top dog in #Athlete is John Cena with 700 some odd votes. Sorry John, but I just unleashed the planet on ya. Let's put him down for a 3 count ladies & germs, & don't forget the #fansite & #PR votes too! Every vote adds exposure to the SPEED ENERGY brand. You heard what Robby thinks of his fanbase in the stage 13 vid, let's return the sentiment!

UPDATE: Don't retweet (RT) votes. It can/ inadvertantly pick up on the 1st handle...which would be the person your RTing. If you wanna copy the text, just take the originator's handle out.

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great idea. nice find.


on it. thanks for the heads up.

Thanks guys, all about spreadin the love. Careful how you pimp it though. I tweeted about shorty awards speading the word on @SPEED_ENERGY with a hashtag VOTE, it picked up on that & said I nominated them in the catagory VOTE. You can obviously write-in your own hashtag catagory also, lol. Thats kinda what's beating Troy Polamolu in 2nd. All the lil kiddies are voting for him in 4-5 catagories, instead of concentrating on athlete.

True - good Idea, I shall pay a visit!



417 views, & 6 replies that aren't mine? C'mon people, that's how die hard the planet is? Wow, everbody's all about showing love, & all until you ask for 30 seconds of their time! YES, I'm calling you out! Click the link & reply! Here's the beauty of it. It's all about the exposure, not WHY you vote. EXAMPLES: I nominated @RobbyGordon for a shorty award in #athlete because he's not runnig for President. I nominated @Planetrobby for a shorty award in #fansite because TOG helped me cut my Dakar withdrawls today. I nominated @Head_Held_High for a shorty award in #PR because he can't make it on his B-boy skills alone. All are tabulated, so for God's sake SHOW what you think of these guys & their commitment to us, the fans. I don't know how long you all have been RG fans, but I've been on THIS bandwagon since long before TOG hitched 'er up! I also met Kevin shortly after he was hired by RG. I can testify, these guys, like yours truely, bleed SPEED Orange! Show 'em a lil love! Now as for THE MAN, Robby Gordon...Our David, to the Goliaths of motorsports. He's the guy who spends his free time @ the track WITH FANS. Shit, he's only aknowledged he has fans since they had to start cutting off the line @ the souvy trailer. Not because of ego, just the opposite. He's always treated every new fan like an old friend he hadn't met yet. You won't EVER get an autograph machine, with a pre-loaded greeting, & generic thank you should you ever get the chance to meet Robby. Ask his biggest supporter from Argentina, Franco. Robby's the last of a dying breed of driver, & personality. Without our support, that breed will go more plate tracks, roadies, Baja's, Dakar, & everything else that makes the planet go round. Again, exactly the opposite with our help. Right now, with a few clicks, & a moment of your time, you could do your part to spread the word on SPEED ENERGY. So why are you still reading? Follow the link & VOTE!!!

Done, I think. Don't really understand twitter, or care to, but I think my vote was entered through their site. Noticed you can only vote once, or so it seems.

Nope, just gotta change up your reply. Just put a pair in each for RG/KW/PR. Not like we aren't a creative bunch. BTW, it said "nice, we're sure @planetrobby will appreciate that" to: I nominate @planetrobby for a shorty award in #fansite becase he lol's at my "Peterhansels momma" jokes. I LOL at that!

damn, son....I nominate Mike/WC77 for a shorty award for best rant

They...really dont wanna get me started. You KNOW how I get, when I have point to get across. Stuborn Polski right here, we're known for fightin off tanks with rocks ;^)>


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