2015 Stadium SUPER Trucks champion Sheldon Creed will be the driver of Gordini #2 in the 2016 Dakar Rally. Veteran Dakar rider Jonah Street will be the navigator. Stay tuned for more details!

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Great News! Is it too much to wish that RG and Creed both get Podiums and take face away from the Euro snobs and their manufacturers? Isn't it funny that movies are now playing a movie about a up and comer named CREED? Maybe its an OMEN!

Sneak peek ... frame grab ... but can't see any 'tags' ... subject to change?

Which plate ... do you think #337 Creed/Street will use ... Aug 2015 "GORDINI", Dec 2014 "2 DAKAR" or other?

Fast and Fun and the youngest Driver......I was fast at his age and had no fear. Go getem!!!

Right on. Its planet Time.

Cool for Creed. Have to wonder how his mechanical Skills are at 18. I know he can drive but Dakar is so much of evey skill.. expecially on a smaller team. I hope the best for RGM Robby and teams.

Jonah is a skilled Washingtonian Motorbike guy ,who is more than capable of working on racers.He's purportedly been at the shop this week prep'ing
Sheldon, for an 18yo has been working on his short course equipment for years , he's purportedly has been at the shop alot this second half of the year. He's also a motorbike guy. ;-)
Sheldon also has done a bit of Late Model Stock Car racing, including road courses.

Right on. Im not saying they havent been around cars and working but there is only so much experience an 18 year old can have.
Im not hating. I think its awsome for him. But evey year i watch and hope RG can pull this off and this race is so killer you never know what to expect. I also trust RGs decision for he knows whats best to win this thing. And if he thinks this team can help him then gas on.

@Wheaton, I didn't read it as being negative. I'm fairly confident Sheldon is more skilled with a wrench than Nasser ;-)

No prob Mike. But this is one of the most exciting times of the year as a RG fan. Over the years the emotions are up and down.

it's ramping up for sure.

Same color scheme or will sheldon have his own sponsors and maybe different trim colors?


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