2015 Stadium SUPER Trucks champion Sheldon Creed will be the driver of Gordini #2 in the 2016 Dakar Rally. Veteran Dakar rider Jonah Street will be the navigator. Stay tuned for more details!

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It's been an AWESOME DAY !!!!!
New rc PLUS this ? Someone pass the tequila I NEED A DRINK !!!

Sheldon Creed about to become a rock star in South America. The chicas are going to be all over him.

what happened to Johnie Campbell?

place holder for the entry.

He was merely a place holder.

So was Johnnie just a place holder?? =D

I was wondering if the Gordini has a back seat? If so maybe he will still run the race?

He's the best driver in that set up that's why he's in the car and he's sponsored by speed and traxxas.. He's going to do good with Robby go team USA what a good match up

I think Traxxas is only on the 312

Sst champ that's why best in that car

Oh, this sounds FUN!!!


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