On NASCAR Race Hub they're doing a survey on how drivers treat their fans when they are not on camera. They want you send your stories to:



Robby's one of the only drivers I've ever met or wanted to meet, and I've lost count of how many times we've met, but there were never any cameras, and he's always been totally awesome, not just with me, but with everyone else too.

Plus I've heard even better stories about him from other fans, not just Robby fans, that are even better than mine!

Be sure and represent for Robby & send in your stories!

By the way, I've never met him, but I've heard that Rusty Wallace sucks. I totally believe that, or should I say, "Right now, I totally believe that right now! There's no doubt about that; that's for sure at the moment!"

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Good idea - I am sure many of you have great Robby stories!
I got some doozies, lol
Mike..he does not need anymore problems.......LOL
LMAO! No trouble here, all good stuff, & no shortage of it! Any of us who has met Robby once knows how good he is to fans. The 1st time I met him, I meant to just get a pic autographed for my dad. I ended up talking about all kinds of racing with him, like we were neighbors, or ol friends. To my astonishment, the next time I met him he immediately remembered me & again convo was free flowing. That was like 2002, since then...ya plenty of stories, lol.
Yes please send in stories. This is the area where Robby is champion yet he gets no respect for it. The way he is with fans is why i like him
when do these stories need to be in? Hell.. I bet we could fill thier inbox just from doing a search on this site alone.
My brother and my wife and the rest of are family raced off-road back in the day. was cool to see robby then too he always took time to talk to all the fans his dad too.
I won the Hard Rockin' for Robby Contest in October of 2009....I got a helluva story for em!


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