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I'll bet that got your attention gang! It was going to be a surprise, however the nix has been put on my brother wearing a Speed Energy hat on the new History Channels show Trawler Wars or whatever they are going to call it. Coming out of Glouster Mass. the filming begins the first week of January however he was told at one of the BIG MEETINGS that logos were not allowed and even the great Buffalo Sabres NHL logo is a no-go. I tried and it was going to be a surprise but in the end I don't care for these reality shows any way, every form of making a living seems to be a television show. Not that you want to hear my social views on the state of the union but "what did you do last night?" now centers on some moron tow truck drivers night on the town and your buttery hand. If you want a reality show here's my idea, do a show about hapless families who sit around doing nothing but watching TV. But back to the disapointment at hand, he has a picture of his dog (the one I raise feed and train) he is going to hang in the piolit house he hopes to ........and other things. My brother is a bit of a......Holyshit he just told me he gets 700 clams (yes on purpose) a show. Anyway I tried, I failed I wanted to do my part and knew about the show coming up for over three months and kept my mouth shut but when it came time to sign on the dotted line We/I/Robby/Us whatever got the proverbial screwing. Copyright bullshit. As we see, money, greed, fish, surprises they all go together, perhaps in the future he..........Continuity they are calling it. Let the puns begin i'll double dip since I used the clam thing..............The plan got sunk.

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You fu*ker

For Michael's essay's,think conceptual not litteral.


I don't know what this says about me, but this post made sense :-)  Sorry you couldn't get the Speed Energy hat on Trawler Wars, LOL, but it was a good try.  Anyway, I think they should make a reality show on the Housewives of the Pineview Trailer Park (down the street from me) - that would be riveting, LOL.

If you're driving down the street in your rowboat, and the left front wheel falls off, how many pancakes can you stuff in a manhole, true of false?

The answer is"C"

Conceptual, is that man-man or ................ahhh forget it


1.relating to or concerned with concepts; abstract
2.concerned with the definitions or relations of the concepts of some field of enquiry rather than with the facts
google is your friend, try it sometime

Well any road worthy row boat has only one front wheel any concrete sailor worth his salt in piss knows that, so that was a trick question. Trailer park stories are great just put in a disclaimer about any charectors being not real and all that and pass a few along. Again here we go with a dry cracker version of what was previously devulged. Mr Bro kills fish and folks eat them. A TV show is in the works to show a few of the boats in action. It was suggested he wear our man Robbys garb. The _____ said no. I knew about the show a long time. He is putting props around the boat to get on TV like a photo of his dog that lives with me a trailer park ..............on a boat...........They want to throw me out though due to the fact my boat has no trailer but I have challenged them to prove that point. But they are unimaginitive and argumentative only pointing out facts like "just because I talk about the wind when its blowing I should not stop if it does". But hell I thought it would have been a neat stunt to get his logo on the tube. However perhaps a literary christiania should be executed to stop all this fun.

Down by the river...

Im waiting for Trawler Broads anyway ,,,,Sad news please,,,,Sad news,,, loosing Jim Beam , getting spun in Montreal melt down/ suspention ... running out of gas at indy last lap in the lead and the wheel bearing deal last year oh screwed by extends ,Thats bad news .. this is a speed bump,, a never was,, reality garbage.... Robby needs to contend to the end... you see monster sees big value in South America with X-Raid,,,,,Lets watch Robby grow this so we can watch him run up front and piss everyone off !!! BURNIN GAS & KICKIN ASS ,,,, GAS ON ROBBY



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