CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- NASCAR Hall of Famer Rusty Wallace will briefly return to competition by driving in Off-Road Truck Racing at the upcoming X Games.

Wallace retired from NASCAR competition after the 2005 season, and has periodically been back in a race car, including a test session in Brad Keselowski's Sprint Cup car at Daytona in 2014.

But the X Games in Austin held June 5-7 will be the 58-year-old Wallace's first time competing in Off-Road Truck Racing. His truck will be sponsored by Jimmy John's.

The Off-Road Truck racing competition will feature identically-prepared 600-horsepower trucks, all leased from Robby Gordon.

The trucks reach speeds up to 120 mph and hit man-made ramps at multiple locations throughout the course. The Baja-style race trucks will negotiate the seven-turn course made of both dirt and asphalt.

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No Scotty Steele in the top ten??????? Check out his SST career stats.........

If I did a list, I'd have Scotty top 5. He's upped his SST game every main.
I'm not making a list until I see who makes the main and see the line up.

That makes it a little easier ;)

Yeah, I missed Scotty on the List. I'd put him middle of the pack.

Looks Like A Kid In A Candy Store!

What channel is the X Games on?


X games are on both ESPN and ABC this weekend but the SST race is supposed to be on ABC Sunday.

Sunday prime time 2:00 pm/et- 6:00pm/et ABC-ESPN3 is correct,Thanks Eric

Said, Wallace, Pastrana

Will practice be live streamed today?

Practice today at @XGames Austin, 2:30pm local time. 4 groups, 4 trucks each group. A few drivers running Baja won't practice until Sunday.


Part of why SST is so cool is that every race is a sort of International Race of Champions. SST has not been around long enough to be tainted by politics, ill feelings, good ol'boy drama, etc.

Also, in SST the points chase is not that big of a deal. So many series become less interesting to follow when the points leader starts to lock in his championship.

For Austin, I'm interested in seeing how Wallace and Pastrana do. I also am interested to see Viso run in the dirt. Viso is an artist on pavement.

SST is good stuff! It's the most interesting Race of Champions motorsports has ever had, in my opinion.

E.J, Rusty and Travis, I wish you the best of luck! You are going to need it. You are racing in the dirt this week.


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