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RSVP Los Angeles Coliseum May 29, RG Special Announcement

Did anyone else get this? I am going to try and make it! Anything to support the movement.

SPEED Energy going global! and hopefully stadium off-road racing! Can't wait!

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Living in PA and working here, can't make the 29th gig in CA - would love to - does anyone have a hint about what the announcement will be? Joan

We have all been going in circles by the thread that mj started about a "hint". Noone knows for sure.

Dance my little puppets dance ( I say with an evil grin )

Can't find anything scheduled at the Coliseum for the 29th.

I guess it would not be public knowledge if it's an RSVP event. Duh..........

Yes I just saw it. What is it?!?!?!

how did you get it.

Robby bought the Raiders and renamed them Speed and is moving them back to the Coliseum.

SPEED Raiders, or could be the SPEED Rams too.

Thanks Kevin...

We probably all agree its most likely a stadium series, but I noticed Scarlet X Marketing Dana!

Im trying to find something


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