Anyone watching this year? If you have FS1 and 2, it's flag to flag. New prototypes this year. No more ProtoTurtles. Green flag 2:00PM EST.

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lots of info here

I'll be watching, don't know if I'm going flag to flag this year, but at least my DVR will be going all the way.

currently on FOX ,normal channel

"Gee, I sure miss the Delta Wing."
~ No One Ever

-NO One Ever-

GTD with the best racing. 27 entries. 9 different makes.

have fox on and foxsportsgoapp on and the foxsportsgoapp on my amazon fire box has had less commercials then fox same happen last yr druing nascar race less break off internet streaming


Good info, thanks!

10-4, if you are using Window's 10, go to the app store and down load fox sports go for free, pick an in car to watch
Sadly my Fox Sports 2 has issues with DTV , tree's

1st, 3rd and 7th. Watching to see how this 24 hour race goes compared to LeMans . Ford GT we will see .... only four and a half hours in ......
Correction 1st ,2nd , 6th and 8th ....

SuperCross on FOX Sports1


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