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Sounds like you've got a pretty full schedule, I plan on going because it's the first one and right here at home, I go to the Parker races but I need to fit in the Hammers and an HDRA race. Goodluck with the new venture.

what part of town are you in?

It's pretty sweet that you have Parker one weekend and then just down the street so to speak you have the Hammers the very next week.
Take plenty of firewood with you. There are several old citrus orchards that are now dead and would look real good on fire out there in the desert night coolness.
There is also a "Firewood for sale" place in Gauadalupe that is an off road supporter you can get a good deal from for firewood to take to Parker.

Is RPM still gonna be associated w RGM and SPEED ? If Robby cuts back a lil on the desert stuff I still wanna have someone to root for when he aint out there . It used to be Cameron Steele or Tavo Vildosola but they've both moved to the " enemy " energy drinks . So whatta think people ? If not Robby or a SPEED / RPM driver who and why ?

With the FDA looking into all of the deaths caused by these energy drinks they might just follow several other nations and outlaw ALL of them. Then the lawyers will get involved and before you know it many racers will be looking for other sources income.
Personally I have always liked the team of a bunch of Nebraska farm boys "The Strobels". They play hard and fair above all, and the family of Corky McMillin. They have been around from the very beginning and have always been people of Pride and Honor plus all that they have given to keep this sport alive and well.

Great picks Bruce . I'm thinking maybe Steve Sourapas cause you all know how I love Corona lol . Have any of you seem the Q&A article on Race Dezert .

Steve has driven one of the McMillin Geiser trucks for them in the past and seems to fit right in with the program. Mr. Sourapas is not only a wonderful person he is also a very experianced racer that has driven many diffrent classes and always finished well. Yes he would be a GREAT choice. Then again there are so many really good drivers out there it would be very hard to pick just one favorite. When you stand beside the track as one of these monsters passes at full song I would have to say ALL of them would have to be my favorites.

@MJ, this thread?

when was the last time Sourapas drove? BiTD, Rob Mac did all the driving

I believe that he drove for McMillin at the Parker a couple of years ago. I also don't recall Rob Mac ever driving a McMillin truck.

I just checked the Best In The Desert web site and found that Steve Sourapus won the class 1400 overall trophy as well as winning the Trick Truck Challenge with his Geiser built truck. Guess he still knows how to drive pretty well. Yes he was partnered up with Rob Mac but he did have to drive at least some of the time and didn't have depend on Rob Mac to do all of the winning.

Rob Mac drove by far the majority,if not every mile completed.But was not the driver of record.
Much like Cylde Stacy was a driver of record in the Truggle along with Robby,and Robby drove every mile.

Yeah that's it sorry didn't see it was already on here .


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