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Just read this on jayski's website...

Robby Gordon has personal vehicle towed: Robby Gordon said track officials had his pickup towed out of a private driver/owner lot at
Talladega apparently over a sponsorship issue. "It's gone," Gordon said.
"I guess it's at some impound yard somewhere. But it's my personal
truck." This weekend, Gordon unveiled his own brand of energy drink,
Speed Energy, and the company's logo was on the side of his truck and on
his race car. Sunday's race at Talladega is sponsored by a rival energy
drink, Amp Energy. "I can appreciate Amp Energy sponsoring the race,
but they don't sponsor me," Gordon said. Gordon said other drivers have
personal vehicles that feature logos of sponsors that are competitors
with official NASCAR or track sponsors. "I just talked to a couple other
drivers," Gordon said. "They're Coke (sponsored) drivers, and they're
like, 'Well, can we not have Coke on our golf carts or not have Coke on
our cars?' This one's a confusing situation for me."

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that's why i love my truck with handicaped plates (it's against the law to tow)
He got the truck back. They initially told him it would cost $75 to get it back, but he got it back for free.
still criminal deprivation of property.....I'd press charges...LOL
just file a lawsuit instead get some money out of
jail time is funnier and more satisfying!
He said he parked it right against the fence in the infield...hopefully we can spot it on TV today...
I saw it this morning. It is painted like the black version of the Speed car with bright orange on the wheels or tires. Couldn't tell which.
Its amazing that the money hungry (and we only want certain people to race for us) nascar does not even comment about this situation on its crappy web sit. It is really nice to see some one to run a race team there own way just like nascar use to be before big corp. took over and made the sport worthless
Pic on wrecker.
And this is why NASCRAP is bush league. Towing a truck because AMP is sponsoring a race? Good thing for Robby is he got more publicity because they towed it than they would have if they didn't. What a bunch of morons.

On another note, given Robby's statement that he won't be running a full season next year, does he have driver plans to run the races he won't? Or is he basically conceding that the team will not be a full time team?
So can someone not in bed with RGM confirm that it was NASCAR that actually had the truck towed? I wouldn't put it past the team to have it towed for the publicity. I honestly don't think AMP really cares what RG does, although announcing a new, competing, sponsor at their event probably didn't sit well with everyone there. They should be smart enough though to know that ignoring it would be a lot better for them than giving RGM free publicity.

Regardless, he's gotten a lot of press he otherwise wouldn't have gotten in announcing a new sponsor. That's a good thing.


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