West Coast fan favorite Robby Gordon will make multiple appearances throughout the event weekend. Gordon will visit Octane during the Bashas’ Supermarkets 200 - at approximately 7 p.m. - on Friday, April 17. On Saturday, April 18, Gordon will visit with fans in Trackside Club at 2 p.m.

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Well, I did get to talk to Robby tonight,outside of the Octane, since its only for high rollers with a special pass. I wished him luck on tommorrow's race from us at the planet. There will be no fan trailer tommorrow.
Have they stopped taking the merch hauler around? I looked, but never found it at Texas.
It's run by Checkered Flag,so it's on them.
Did someone say it wasn't at Bristol either? I wonder if they are cutting back due to the economy, lack of new stuff or is this normal?
It wasn't at Texas and I heard it wasn't at Martinsville. If Checkered Flag doesn't want my money I will make my own T-shirts, flags, window stickers. With the computer you can turn out some nice designs.
You can contact Checkerd Flag Sports at thier website.

I sent them a message asking if they will be at the Loudon races this year, or if I will need to acquire my Robby gear elsewhere.
they will be available at robbygordon.com once they get their store going strong.
I dont have an exact time frame, but RGM is well aware of the importance of the
online store ,and they have the wheels in motion to get it going good again.
Folks who pre-ordered them last year get both colors.The second they are in hand,
there will be a big announcement.

View My individal photos for Robby's answers to questions on Saturday Afternoon in the Roll bar.
I saw them. You took a lot of great pictures.


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