Planet Robby

2017 Robby Gordon Headquarters

“RobbyGordon's Sonoma Cup car is coming together getting ready for next week's test.”

Gotta love it!

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Love the color!!

Mapei on the car..think Daytona scheme

Saw a photo with the Save-Mart logo on the side. If thats so then someone did a hell of a job getting that on there.

part of the speed energy vendor program. store shelf space / car space...

Ya way cool

This was the tweet from Speed about 2:30pm...


If so, Penske power?

Have to like the blue--Qual 9th-- Finish 1st--make NASCRAP puke....

Dodge? From here on out I have a feeling that could change with little or no notice.

Dodge was still prominently displayed on the hauler at the SST event. Gotta think they're still on board at some level.

I just don't think that the Dodge logo still being on one of Robby's trailers means much. It sure didn't look like to me that they were "on board" at Daytona. Robby made the race via the qualifier and he really needed another, better engine for the real race. Yup, I remember the story that they repaired the original engine and all was hunky bueno then. I think that was just the "story." The horseshit and gunsmoke story as the real story wasn't going to play well....... If Dodge gave a rat's ass about RG there would have been a Penske engine in the car for the Daytona 500.

One of the things I like about Robby is that he is a business person and not just a racer. His manufacturer loyalty lasts until the end of the deal he has with that manufacturer. Then he asks "so what are you going to do for me now?" That is the way racing works. The morons that say things like "I'm a Chevy person and never will change" are well, MORONS! Robby built his career or as is cool to say now, his "brand" driving Fords. Robby had a good deal driving for Jim Venable in the beginning, but he outgrew it and moved on. Then a few years later he left Ford as that deal was done for him also.

I don't think he is getting what he wants from Dodge and will move on again. Come on, Robby changes manufacturers in NASCAR about as often as some of you change your socks.

The Fiat-Chrysler deal is a loser. They really don't have very good people in charge of many branches including motorsports. Their leader Sergio Marchionne is a businessman with a decent track record, but he isn't really a car person and that will be his downfall. Do any of you personally know anyone with a Fiat 500? It's a huge POS. I just can't expect anything good out of Dodge at this point.

Your right i hpoe FORD again someday.


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