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2017 Robby Gordon Headquarters

“RobbyGordon's Sonoma Cup car is coming together getting ready for next week's test.”

Gotta love it!

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wow, the dash got shorten'd up.

@Mike, when you make an observation like this, would you please expain it to the non trained eyeball...OK, explain it to me.

@Dave, my second memory lapse of the week.The R/C has had this 'short dash' for a couple of years and different chassis's. Notice the conflict of interest in this picture?

No conflict here. The Speed logo is for SpeedFactoryTV. Monster is a drink. All is good in this pic.

If the car runs 1/2 as good as it looks it will win twice.

I'd love to see them shorten the race or something to get rid of the fuel milage issue, but I suppose no matter what that will be an issue. The whole series would be better if they cut their race lengths in half, but I guess that's a whole nother topic.

No I think they should extend it. The race is already short as it is.

Too bad Robby has no sponsorship for Road America it's a shame his talent isn't being fully utilized.

Would love to see him run that one.

Guess it is time to show my ignorance

I'd love to see them shorten the race or something to get rid of the fuel mileage issue,

Why do so many complain about the fuel mileage issue? It is part of the race. My thinking is that it takes good equipment, a good driver, and good strategy to win. Part of it is the team that can figure out the best strategy for the track, including how to get the most out of the available fuel, It isn't just the driver but the entire team and the team that has it all should be the winner.
I agree. What I'd really like to see though, is to lift the restriction on the size of the fuel cell. If a team wants to carry 100 gals of fuels, and the weight penalty it imposes, let them. It makes fuel strategy even more interesting, and unpredictable.

I see it MIKE good picture.

Looking forward to seeing Robby at Sears Point next weekend. Got the Hot Pass and cant wait. Good luck Robby I hope you kick there butts!

This is going to be good. Hope the race goes well for RG. Can't wait to see qualifying.

Racing only the cool races, what a if we can only talk Robby into doing the Indy500 next year before that ship sails far out of reach...I mean, that race us us one also doesn't it??


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