I am not sure if anyone has seen this or not. I found this though the Stewart-Hass Racing website.

You can go here and download a Robby toolbar that sits up on top of your screen. It has the Temp, Robby News, Robby Links, Robby's Chat, Robby Toys, and a Email Notifeier. I downloaded it just now and am fully enjoying it! It even has a picture of Robby's car.

A neat little tool for your computer.


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Thats pretty sweet,& just to clarify (before the rumormill fires up) it seems as though all drivers are available thru this external link.
Thanks for clearing it up, yes all drivers are, but I thought it was cool that Robby was actually on there and you could get a RG toolbar. Most of the really cool stuff out there is only the top drivers.
I just dont have faith in those toolbar type additions. I think they are spamware for something.
Even if I'm confident that a toolbar is "safe" to use, I hate having them take up all the screen real estate in my browser. I paid good money to have a big screen, I don't want to fill it up with static junk.
I agree about the screen space. But remember the screen saver Robby had during his twin race wins on the road courses? I would still have it if my computer had not been stolen. Wish we could get a new one for Robby! I would download that again if it had all the current areas of racing or a highlight reel from all the years of racing.
I still have that screen saver on my computer at home. But it would be nice to have a new one with all the racing he has done over the last few years.


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