I just saw the left side column., Robby's going to be at Watkins Glen in the #7 Dodge. Too all you NAAH SAYERS . Screw the 22 and lets get back to supporting the man Robby!!!

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Or is that Glen Helen Raceway with the SST's?

Lets hope so

Seriously, The Glen is in my back yard. I do hope he is there again this year, and that they race on Sunday and not on Monday.

2 of the last 3 years it's been Monday that's why I took it off also !!!

TOG this is your page. You know

it's tentative.I'm optimistic it will , but it could also not happen

Montreal is a no-go ( same weekend as B.I.T.D )

Let's hope is right, I already have tickets !!!!!!

Let's look at it this way. If Robby Gordon does not go to Watkins Glen it's like:
No on second thought I'm not going to make all kinds of abstract parallel comparisons to other things like "Robby Gordon not going to Watkins Glen is like "Not bringing the Vince Lombardi trophy to the Superbowl" or "It's like camping without a fire" or "fishing without a hook" or ...........well like I said I won't. However I can't wait to see all the Red Herring thrown around about this one. My ability to be frank, insulting, realistic and dry does not sit well with most folk I know. In my real life, not some words on a monitor. It's not an act, however at the same time there is a time and place to think things through and be nice and "say the right thing".
Don't know which this is but, If I had a statement to make about it, it would be this. There are no more races in cup after this that I can see Robby attempting and if the NAZICAR (remember the guy who got all pissed about that one in chat?) involvement is done for the year, the Glen will sure prove that, as if we didn't know already. If it is a pure cash issue there must be a real problem somewhere, in theory alone that it is a cup race though not a big purse I find it disturbing there is nothing brewing. I know the situation and all but it's hard to come to grips with "someone not coming in". If it is a time focus issue with all else that is going on well go back a few sentences. I can go on and on however it would seem to me that if there is a car that can compete and Rob is not going to embarrass himself by running it then the final thought when he thinks things over (back to the money issue perhaps) should be. "That's a friggen great race and I'm Fuckin Robby Gordon, you bet your ass we're gonna be there". We'll see..........too bad I'm not rich.

Michael, you may not be monetarily rich, but you are rich with words my friend

Agreed, I admit to not always being able to follow everything said but I get enough to know I might miss something of interest if I don't read your posts.

Micheal good stuff there. I have to reader close because i'm we todd did but always enjoy.

big robby gordon fan but he doesnt have the equepment for nascar anymore, sorry :(


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