Watching F1 Practice and they just said that Robby will be co-hosting Wind Tunnel this Sunday.

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Should be interesting. If i remember correctly. Dave despain road in the hummer at the norra 1000. Rumor is he Puked during thr ride aswell. LOL

Thanks for the heads up! I set my DVR just in case!!!

Sorry Ben Cartwright for deleting the identical topic. This one had replies in it already. Thanks anyways.

Should be interesting to watch.

I knew this would come up. huge for SPEED and the SST serries and everythimg else Robby.

someone has got to make a movie about this guy. Ive always thought how much more RG does than anyone else.

MINT MINT MINT MINT........................F'n MINT

I planted mint last year, so I'd have fresh leaves available for homemade Mojito's (raspberry mojitos are good, peach mojitos even better). That stuff grows like crazy. It's taking over the garden right now. Can't drink enough mojitos or mint juleps to keep up with it.

The greatest american off road race. The daddy of them all, over 300 entries less than half ever finish the mint 400 the last weekend pf march.

anything is better than the anthem from the truck race tonight..

all kidding aside, I will certainly be watching wind tunnel this sunday.

that was brutal

my co-worker was in the other room here at the base and all I hear "that's horrible. who's singing that?"

did they remember most of the words? I missed it.
BTW,won't anthem I personally ever heard-MotoGP race at Laguna 2005. Dude forgot the words,made up new ones.


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