Watching F1 Practice and they just said that Robby will be co-hosting Wind Tunnel this Sunday.

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There you go folks Robby does like Kurt . Robby said " Kurt is a great guy to be around but there's just something that clicks whenever he is around media . I thought it was a legitimate question that was asked to Kurt about racing , but Kurt said BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP "
( that is not a word for word quote for all you PC police out there . 

Robby owns the rights to BIG FOOT ? Did anyone see that ?

extra black and empty

Yeah think they just meant the SPEED Bigfoot though

Rob said 4 years old to 50 guess iam out iam 69 years old

That was great
Robby looked very relaxed
I thought their would be more about the Speed sponsor aspec of the direction of RGM

Mi,Thats what I was thinking but it didnt say Speed big foot.But I think your right.

I think ROBBY has to take the high road from now on. He is more than a owner/driver now. Theres no way ROBBY likes kurt !

I liked Dave saying riding in Robby's truck was fun but would make one vomit

So, was there info and excitement from dave about the SST series
Yeah had a small video bout MTEG and how Robby is bringing back that style of racing . Showed some footage of the announcement party . Also talked a lil bout the TT , truggy , Bigfoot , and Robby's plans for the future 

Damn - I'm reading this too late (Monday) - missed RG on Windtunnel - they had the announcement on F-1 why not on NASCAR (I did watch Pocono). Joan


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