I think he is on at 9:30

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Click on the listen live button.

Interesting already

Sounds like Robby is creating a very exciting track.

Looks like we will have lots of chances to seem him this week here in SO.Cal.
Stadium SUPER Trucks ‏@SSuperTrucks 20m
SST drivers @RobbyGordon & @Ariejr will be at SoCal SuperTrucks, 774 South E Street, San Bernardino, CA, 4-6pm/pst

I missed it damnit!

Here is some video.... She's pretty hot for a full blown lily licker.

If you think there aren't many Lesbian Women that are hot you need to get out more often. But, I didn't see her push RG away when he fumbled with getting her shoulder harness adjusted for 5 minutes.

I didn't say there wasn't hot Lesbos... I known many. Giggity


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