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2017 Robby Gordon Headquarters is reporting that Robby has decided not to run next weekend at New Hampshire because of lack of sponsorship. Robby Gordon Motorsports will be running a car with P.J. Jones only. Is this true!

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Jim Beam wrote RGM cheques for 5 years, not 4. I agree that Crown Royal is a lone wolf (as far as hard liquor goes) in a billion dollar sport. Money is very hard to find right now. The companies are trimming the fat bigtime. I don't understand why companies like GEICO don't spend money with RGM. He's almost always in the show and is more marketable than Mad Max. Don't get me wrong, I like Max Papis. I just think Robby is a better return on the dollar. Just my opinion.
Beam was with RG for 5 years...2005,2006,2007,2008,2009
Does JB still have a personal services agreement with Robby? Nope.. Doesnt look like it. Although he left the logo on his Polaris fire suit.
thats because it was his 2009 firesuit
Monster did so much for Robby this year to help make up for the departure of Jim Beam. I would never criticize their financial business decision and just thank them for their support to date. Sure I would like them to sponsor Robby as much as everyone else on this site, but it just doesn't fit the business model. Can't fault them for that.
yup......and if they were not there, this would not be the first "Robby not racing......." discussion.
It's already 11:00 am EST. When is this press release going to happen?
today has just posted at 11:42am that Bobby Labonte will drive the #7 for Robby Gordon and run the full race!!! IF you believe all that, then fine, but I will await "official" word from this site!!!!
Thank TRG for leaking it.
Good News. Hoping for a decent run


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