He's on today to chat on Dakar and the SST Race this weekend. He's on in hour 1 about 34 minutes in. We go live at 9 AM Pacific. Link is good for the archive show as well.

Here is the link or subscribe on iTunes:


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I Suggest you all take a listen. Some really good info and new announcements.

Jim said racing up Mt. St. Hellens....that was a good slip up! I'd go and watch that!

HAHAHA. Yeah, Glen Helen... St. Helen... It's all the same right? HAHAHAHA. Yeah Robby disclosed a lot of info on 2019 and what's to come. Don't know if you can cram any more info into 15 minutes than we did. LOL.

Great interview Jim! Thanks for your entertaining and informative shows.

Thank You! Much appreciated.

Mt. St Helen is actually the name of the prominent feature at Glen Helen.

I just learned something... HAHAHA

I've got a feeling there's going to be some epic yard sales at Glen Helen. Especially with the huge step down.

I completely agree!

I've had a DM asking for the iTunes link for the show... Below is the link if you listen to podcasts... Just click to subscribe and much appreciated if you leave a rating.



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