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Robby Gordon on The Down & Dirty Off-Road Show at 8:30am pacific time march 5th

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Rumor has it that this was supposed to happen today... Did anyone record it or can we listen to it via archive on their site?

The show said Robby has 2 meeting set up in Orange County this week is there any info on that

Robby just said that he has a letter of intent on the Dakar 2013 from someone. He's just waiting for the signed contract and then he'll start building two new Dakar platforms (cars). He said that the 2012 Dakar platforms can win but he wants new ones. He did not state any details other than that. This was on the Down and Dirty off road show broadcast.

Maybe Dodge?

You can listen to the interview at in the archives. Back episodes are also on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. Thanks for the interest in the show. We are also starting a weekly segment called "The Robby Report" that gives updates on what he is up to that week so that should be fun. Thanks again for listening.

Just listened to Robby on the Down and Dirty Off - Road show, that was really cool the info on Dakar sounds really interesting and looking forward to what Robby has to say about his race program at the end of the week. Thanks to Jim Beaver for providing us with this interview I do have to go back and listen to the rest of the show I just wanted to comment on what Robby had to say and as for myself you've gained a new listener thanks again.

Thanks for the kind words! We are live every Monday and have a new interview every week. I am sure we will get Robby back on again later in the year.

Great interview! Thanks for sharing the link.

great show keep it up

You guys are awesome. The weekly "Robby Report" segment is officially a go and we have some more exciting Robby related news for the show coming soon at Thanks a lot for all of the support and looking forward to seeing Robby come home with a win this weekend in San Felipe.

Just wanted to tell you guys thanks. With the help of Planet Robby and Speed Energy, Robby's interview on The Down & Dirty Off-Road Show has had more listens that any show we have ever done! Thats saying a lot as it's only been 1 week since it aired and he is going up against episodes with interviews from guys like Ken Block. Robby Fans are a force! Looking forward to doing the weekly Speed Energy Robby Report and working with you guys in the future!

cool, so what's our cut ?



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