hey guys and girls i just wanted to inform you that they now have a robby gordon motorsports t-shirt with the logo on the front and #7 on the back. I posted this since alot of people like these kinds of shirts.

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Only XXL...Go big or go home
Need to add another X ....... Jeez they could even add another 5 bucks.
You guys are hurting my ego. I am too much man for an L but not man enough for a XXL. You don't want to be lumped into the same crowd as that guy with the way too tight/ or loose Robby Gordon t-shirt or do you? You know, if NASCAR finds out that there is no XL, it will be 50 driver/owner points, $50,000 and he'll have to give Jr his car for the road courses.
at least robbys old xxl's did not shrink, the checkered flag ones whent from xxl to s in 2 washes , I don't think i grew that much
My 'Vote for Robby' t-shirt is wonderfully soft and comfortable and one of my favorites; no shrinking either. Hope the new shirts are out of this same material.
I thought it was just me. I can't even get my CF shirts on anymore. I think my XLs are now Ms. I like a couple of the new shirts, hopefully when I pull the trigger on one, I can wear it more than once.


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