hey guys and girls i just wanted to inform you that they now have a robby gordon motorsports t-shirt with the logo on the front and #7 on the back. I posted this since alot of people like these kinds of shirts.

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Maybe I'm slow, but I don't see it...

Edit: I'm slow. I love the shirt but not the price...
$25 isn't TOO bad...
Remember that Rob is doing his own merchandising in house - or least that's what the people at the souveneir trailer in Charlotte told me. So I looked at is as a small contribution.

I don't know if this will be the case in the fall, but last year in Atlanta, I picked up a Jim Beam sweatshirt for $10 and a Monster sweatshirt for $22 so the prices should fall as the season comes to a close,
$25 is average for shirt these days. And it's true that the prices fall as the season ends. You wouldn't believe how cheap everything was in Homestead last year with all the driver/sponsor changes. My hubby got some Ryan Newmann gear for our nephew... 2 hats, 3 t shirts and a sticker for $12. The Robby gear I wanted was still full price but I didn't mind paying it.
shirts were $40 at the concert I went to the other day. Wow !
It didn't happen to be a NIN and Janes Addiction show did it?
I'm not so much put off by what the cost is, howeveras wirth everything in life what do you get. At some Buffalo Bills games I have seen shirts that were "low thread count" but were as costly as a dinner for six just about anywhere. I'll gladley fork over 25 beans for a shirt I can carry on my back for 10 years given I take care. I don't see any fleecing by this group.....no pun intended.
I bought a Dakar shirt last year and the cotton was tissue paper thin, it's already worn out and I am so bummed as I loved this shirt! Not sure how much it was but I'm thinking it was 25 or more plus s/h from overseas.
where do I find shirts on Robby's website I only found old stuff
click on apparel tab on his store and most of the new stuff is at the bottom of the page
But for this specific RGM shirt you need to click "T-Shirts" on the sub-menu that opens when you click "Apparel" to see it--it doesn't just appear under the "Apparel" main for some reason.
Did anyone see an XL? It could the failure of the NC educational system, or my new glasses, but I don't see one.


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