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Could someone here please tell me how is it that another single car team beat Robby in points. I see the 78 car based in Denver Co. with the same challenge the 7 car has but one is 26th in points and the other 34th. I see RG with major driving talent and car construction ability but poor finishes. Is the question money or skill or some other factor. I read posts here on most issues and can't get a grip on why RG isn't at least in the mid 20's in points. We have some insiders here and I would like to get some insight. Oh by the way yes I am a RG fan from way back.....just a little frustrated.

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Furniture Row has an alliance with Richard Childress Racing that allows them to get pretty much everything they need from RCR including cars and technical support. In addition, their engines come from ECR.
Like Trooper indicated they get support from ECR on the motor side. And If im not mistaken, they recieve chassis from no one else but Hendricks, but Im not 100% sure.....That should help explain their success on the track.
Did a little digging:

Chassis from Richard Childress Racing
Engines from Earnhardt Childress Racing
Pit crew from Stewart-Haas Racing

Underdog Regan Smith, Furniture Row Racing a fitting, winning combi...

They were aligned with HMS until 2010. That's when they switched to RCR as well as got the points from the 07.
I still wish Robby had gone chevy this year with rcr/ecr instead of aint working, but it was probably a less expensive move to go dodge.
It is what it is.
Furniture row has run all the races( fully ) , has more employees, has more budget. They are supposed to be ahead in points.
agree !
here we go... the 78 gets motors from blah blah blah the 78 gets chassis from blah blah blah
doesn't RGM get motors from someone ???? come on... give the 78 team some credit...

the real reason ....

The endless hours on the 7 post shaker that the 78 team has in the shop !
The real reason is money. The dollar figure for purchasing your own 7 post shaker is off the charts (over a million). Then throw in the cost to purchase chassis from RCR, engines from ECR, and get a pit crew from SHR... It all pieced together really nicely to put the team in victory lane back at Darlington, but it also cost a pretty penny.
call menard and ask for help he loves you
I thought Robby has the Gibb's chassis, Evernham engines and Penske pit crews? Sounds basically like Furniture Row's deal so hell, we ought to be about 27th in points! j/k =D
(1 no) (2 no) ( 3 sometimes)


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