Robby was at the Paul McCartney show, opening the new concert venue, the Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel.

A guy standing next to me in the Studio 3 suite -- or was it Studio 4? -- asked why I was jotting into a notepad. I explained that I owned the hotel. No, I mean, I explained that I was covering the show, blah, blah, and as I talked to this guy, he seemed terrifically familiar. A few songs later, during “Back in the USSR,” it hit me: It was driving star Robby Gordon. I remembered interviewing him the week that Las Vegas Motor Speedway opened, back in 1996. He didn’t remember that, but that’s how life works sometimes -- one moment you’re taking notes, the next you are singing the chorus of “Hey Jude” with Robby Gordon. …

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guess I should have paid the $200 for a ticket!! and that was the "cheap seats"
Too cool! Seeing Sir Paul wouldn't be totally worth it!
My Mom is going to veags next month i told her to check it out i bet it was alot of fun!
Cool stuff....


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