Just real quick.

9 of top ten TTs with penalties.

Robby ends up official winner in TT

1 RG - congrats good run
2 Mac
3 Norman
4 Ashcraft - good job Jesse

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it this is true, this this is great for robby and all of the organization! :)
yeah, Cameron Steele already post that on RDC
so penalties actualy help us!!!
I am hearing that too
Right on!
Man, I did all that tracking yesterday for nothing. :(
nah, great job with that.
woooooo.......this should make for an easier monday am.............
It wasn't for nothing Scott. Really helped us follow online, especially after the IRC tracker went down. Appreciate your efforts yesterday. Thanks!
Kudos to you dude your the offical primm 300 tracker. I would have pulled out what little hair i have left
Thank You
now you know why I went with my magic 8 ball and one must wait for the fat lady to sing!


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