Robby has been posting on RDC and he commented that Road to Dakar will be on NBC Sports next week. I'm guessing its the 1 hour show after the SST race on Friday evening. The show is suppose to show what they have been doing this last year to prepare for the 2015 Dakar Rally.

BTW the Baja 1000 coverage has also been quite disappointing on the Planet this year. I hope Dakar will be better. FYI RDC is going down to Dakar in their own built Media Vehicle they have registered with Dakar and will be following the Dakar race and doing daily updates and interviews from the Bivouacs.

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Jezz Wezz Todd,you of all people should know if Robby doesn't release the info the info isn't released. Leak's in the past have spoiled releases. Yes,Robby posted on RDC Road to DAKAR is about a week out. Nice shit talk'n

No shit talk'n, just posting the question. Robby goes on RDC, which is way cool!!! I hope he contiunes too also. As you get to hear things first hand about his thoughts on Dakar and TT racing. He mentioned this show well over a month ago, then today he again he mentioned the Road to Dakar show being on next week and he said it's been allot of work. Personally I'm super excited to see this show!

I figure if he's talking about it, he must be OK with people knowing, which I would not understand why he and everyone involved with this years program would not want to get the word out as soon as possible.

And about RDC going to Dakar, well that too is fact and Toyo Tires is also sponsoring RDC's efforts along with some other companies. So I would suspect they will not only be reporting on the whole event, but will be closer connected to the American teams and Toyo tire teams (aka Robby) cool for Robby fans.

If I'm spoiling the release feel free to pull this thread!

Nikal - We've been busy working on Dakar stuff that Race Dezert won't have access to, but good for them! More coverage, the better. As for promoting the show? We have a plan in place and it starts this week, including a 15 second teaser clip.

Also, one of the Dakar NBC Show episodes might be pushed back a week. I'm not going to promote a wrong air/date time. Nah mean?

Good to hear RG posted on Race Dezert.

I've not been posting much stuff because of the show coming up. Once the show airs, then it's game on!

As for Baja, I was chasing this year and I updated regularly on our Twitter and Facebook feed, in realtime. Not sure how that could have been better?

But thanks, you have inspired me to kick it in earlier.

I'm sure and would expect PL to have RG content Klaus & RDC won't. But I also think its going to be huge & awesome to have more American media presents on the ground at the race. This meens more intel for everyone at home following the race.

As far as the Dakar show I was just surprised with it coming out so soon that there has been no mention of it on PL. Regarding The Baja 1000 past races seemed to have more pre race hype, more discussions, and post race videos, which this year did not seem too.

Anyways I'm looking forward to more exciting news regarding Dakar and probably the most Dakar coverage we have ever had in the US.
@Todd, as for the 1k, SCORE media sucked, as you probably noticed,The Planet covered the Robby's event maybe best ever. TOG was posting updates from a chase rig, but limited by cell and inter-web connections.Chat had a fairly large group and was up for 30+ hrs.As for a lack of video's?! Isn't it people that are there live that post them? then members find and repost them?The available hours of daylight to shoot video was much reduced due to the TT start time,IMO. I still think having an event like the 1k on week days is stupid.JMHO.

As for Road to DAKAR, it was talked about. There has not been time and dates to talk about it.

Race of Champions is this coming weekend

The start of the rally is still over 3 weeks away.

When these shows begin to air, so many questions, etc, will be answered. What's the point of doing the show if you tell all the details prior to it airing?

This year, being that RG tested a bunch, and the car is being well prepared, RG will be a strong contender for the overall. Although the results of the 2014 Rally sucked, the data acquired has been extremely valuable to the 2015 effort. I am very excited for this years rally.


TOG, for those that do not have cable will the Planet have access to post the show's after they air?

yes, they will be posted here!

Thanks man, hope you know everything is much appreciated.

I noticed the quietness as wel here on the planet. RDC didnt have a whole lot of 1000 coverage either this time. After being a Robby fan for who knows how long, I finally met him at this years Sema and the LV SST race! I was truly flabbergasted, didnt know what to ask or say, the guy was busy all the time anyway, but darn what an experience. especially the SST race,better than I anticipated. Ok, lets get this Dakar thing going! Pictures of the current car, specs, improvements, mods over last years, 2nd car , the more info the better. Its the 10th already! R Gordon posting on RDC, has it been confirmed that it really is RG? I have my doubts about this.

yes it's really Robby posting on RDC. I'm excited to watch Road to DAKAR on NBCsports, it may answer many questions I have.


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