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maybe, it looks alot like the rig at the top of page 2.

It looks to be the same buggy, a turn-key from Jimmy's 4x4. Some stats I dug up from 2010:

Engine- Turnkey engine supply LS2
Trans- Jimmy's 4x4 THM 400
Axles- Currie RJ 60 front, Moser low pinion rear
Lockers- Spools front and rear
Suspension- Radflo Co's bypasses, Bump Stops
Tires- 39" BFG Krawlers
Wheels- TR HD's
Steering- All PSC
Transfer case- Stak 2 speed
Seats- Twisted stitch

Front outside of tire to outside of tire is 88" rear is 86".

Fun fact, the guy who won with this chassis in 2010 is the same one that made the insane jump pass in 2011 at the Hammers.

No idea if he was running this rig or not though.

I have a fun fact for you....there is a Campbell on this site...Nice job. Where did you get the info, at Jimmy's ? Trying to figure out how Cancun Offroad play's into this..

I thought I read in one of the links in this thread, that the rig was sold to Cancun Offroad after the 010 event.

I was bombing around Pirate trying to find a build thread on the buggy, just found some info about it. Since it came in through the Last Chance Qualifier it made it hard to find more info. :)

Drone, where in Pirate...

It was a LCQ discussion for 2010, people were posting rig information. I will see if I can dig it up when I get home.

According to the remarks made in the interview, Robby will be driving the same rig Loren Healy won with in 2010. He also said it was being delivered to Robby's shop in Anaheim. Can't wait to see what it looks like after being transformed into an Orange Speed Energy, Toyo tire shod machine.

one page back Brian Moura posted this picture(Wed)

This is from GenRight, might help with some questions

yes it's from 2011 but most will apply...

So I was looking at the new video and the buggy, if it's the same one, went under some heavy mods. The new rig had a modified IFS or twin traction beam front end. So I started looking around after the Torchmate announcement that he was going to be running their TTB car. It's a complete in-house chassis. And look a build thread!

As for the front suspension, yea it is pretty stylish.


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