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TMS is giving Robby crap about promoting Speed Energy at thier track. They towed the show car, and forced RGM to remove all of the Speed Energy from the track - no free samples can be given away. They're citing the tracks Red Bull sponsorship as the reason. More exclusivity bullshyte.

We need to let TMS know that they are alienating fans. They have a twitter account that someone follows, so let's blast them. If you have a twitter account, use it, if you don't, go sign up for one.

Send tweets to @TXMotorSpeedway expressing your displeasure. Mention @RobbyGordon and @SpeedEnergy and include the hashtag #RallyForRobby.

Let's do this!

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Same for Kyle Busch: NOS or are they friends of Red Bullshit?
Dale Jr. AMP
I would guess that Robby has been singled out. This is just another example of how much I hate NASCAR and their sanctioning body as a whole. What a bunch of discriminating corporate flunkies. These a-holes represent everything that is wrong with the world today! I hate it that Robby is constantly fighting the corrupt practices and devices of the corporate "Mega-Teams", in addition to that, he has to continually engage the Nascar sanctioning body to do anything. Anyone that calls NASCAR a sport is dillusional, it is a prime example of what Hitler achieved in Germany starting in the 1930's. I can understand that NASCAR has contractual obligations with specific manufacturers for specific events (I.E-Texas), but to methodically eliminate all competitors to that manufacturer (Red Bull), by not allowing teams to promote the products that are the life blood of their very existence is absolute facism!! I love the Rally for Robby thing that has been started once again. I wish that there was a way for this Nascar thing to transition from an autocratic, fascist style regime to a democracy where everyone has a fair shake. Keep fighting the good fight Robby. You are the best pure race car driver on the planet, and the last of the true renegades left in a system that has replaced talent with a flock of compliant corporate clones.
Are you Glenn Beck?
I agree 100%.
Haha Dave-O, I thought the same thing when he compared Nascar to Nazism.
thanks Jeff.... it means alot
I went ahead and sent an e-mail to Gossage at TMS, just to let him know what was on my mind:

Just wanted to voice my opinion on the way you and TMS disrespected my favorite driver, Robby Gordon, over the weekend. First of all, the supposed contractual agreement that led to the towing of the Fast Five Showcar, and the additional harassment levied against the Speed Energy team was absolutely pathetic. Absolute and blatant discrimination against one of the last true independent teams in the Nascar world. I am absolutely disgusted with the way Robby was treated. You should personally be ashamed of yourself. But, you probably are not. I am only one insignificant little fan in the giant corporate world of Nascar, but this one little fan, is now a hater of TMS of all things Texas!!! As for you personally, you make me want to puke. You are nothing more than a corporate clone in the evil NASCAR empire in my humble opinion. And again as one insignificant little Robby Gordon fan, I can see your "list" of corporate sponsors, and I can effective never buy any of their products. I can also make my opinion known on my social media networks, my blogs, etc., etc. Which in turn my little groups of friends can repost, and retweet, and so on and so forth. When its all said and done this one insignificant little fan can ultimately reach a wide swath. Just to put it in perspective, say a few thousand little insignificant Robby Gordon/Speed Energy fans do the same? What then all powerful racetrack pres? Thanks for making it easy to ban your tracks sponsors products. Thanks for making it easy to despise your events. Thanks for making it easy to despise all things Texas. And most importantly, thanks for making it easy to despise you personally!!! Your event sucks. As for me and my little insignificant band of Robby Gordon fans, we will unite behind our driver, his products and sponsors, and you can suck it!!

Most sincerely,

An insignificant Robby Gordon/Speed Energy Fan
I am with you 100%. TEXAS can suck it! This makes me more of an GR fan then before!
i also agree 100%
GO robby
OOPS !!! Sorry Kenny, sorry Kasey, watch out Brian!! Awe first lap and all three Red Bull cars are in the garage making needed repairs! What a shame.
Interesting - I wonder if this is contractual or something "made up as they go along"?

either way - easily side stepped. Put a pile of pennies on the table, sell the Speed er *samples* for a penny. Presto.

ditto shirts, and whatever else was planned to be given away.

remember....speed is a lifestyle (per RG's quotes) - let's just speed by the rule using a loophole :)


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