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Traxxas is coming out with the Speed Energy version of the Slash truck this November.

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No prob bud how was the FULL SCALE race 

Thought you guys might like to see what my RG Slash has evolved into-

And of course you need a Speed RPM Buggy-

VERY NICE BILL !!!!! Love the buggy . Cool seeing something different .

Project SPEED / Bigfoot is underway the body has been sent out for airbrushing and the chassis has been sent out to our own Brett Crawford so he can work his monster truck magic on it . This is the 1st time I've ever worked with a monster truck and I admit I got in a lil over my head . Big thanks go to Brett for throwing me a lifeline . I urge all you RC Planeteers out there to check out his website and see all the awesome stuff he has available . 

Awesome looking car Bill. How do you guys get the logos so good looking? I can paint my trucks, but cant do logos like you and MJ

Hey bro it's EZ the logos I just draw out on paper then bring to a vinyl sign shop . They feed my drawing into their computer and presto there's my logo done in vinyl . For the lettering I just use 1" and 1/2" vinyl lettering from Office Max , take a piece of pinstriping tape to get a straight line and do the letters starting with the middle letter 1st and work from the center out . That way you get everything centered . I'll be doing the monster truck body soon so ill try and take step by step pics 

All paint, no stickers. Check out Arrowgrafix I have Brian there paint them for me but he is now selling a paint mask.

I've seen they're work . Very well done and fairly well priced too . 
Hey all thought you might like to see the info for my clubs event . It will be the biggest R/C truck and tractor pulling, monster truck, tuff truck and short course racing event of the summer in western New York. There will be 2 full days of RC truck and tractor pulling on our covered track R/C monster truck, tuff truck, and short course truck racing on the new dirt track, while full size trucks and tractors compete only a few yards away. This event has something for everyone. R/C truck and tractor pulling and racing, a kids class for pulling and racing. Awards given for pulling and racing. There will be plenty of parking, camping, and refreshments.Saturday July 28th at 11:00 R/C Pulling & Racing Competition.Sunday July 29th at 11:00 R/C Pulling & Racing Demo.Plus two full days of full size pulling Saturday –Garden Tractor Pulling. Sunday –Empire State pullers with Super Stock, Heavy Stock and Modified Tractors.All R/C trucks &Tractors are welcome to race or pull NRCTPA rules will apply and trucks or tractors that don’t meet NRCTPA rules will be put in a separate classAll at the Murray Pulling Field in Holley One mile South of RT104 on Groth Rd. For all the fun Join us July 28th and 29thFor info or contacts: Tom Migliore Joe Kilian Bill Donovan(585) 227-9694 (716) 627-4321 (585) 281-6114

Did Arrowgrafix go out of business. Was wanting the speed mask


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