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Traxxas is coming out with the Speed Energy version of the Slash truck this November.

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Heres my contribution to the cause.

Thought you might like to see some of the accessories i was talking about heres the short course truck interior

Heres the light bar set you can get to make more of a desert truck look

the rest of the stuff is mostly for scale trail rigs and stuff like that but kinda cool anyway

Hope that helps give ya some ideas :-)

Damn mj I'm not really into this but this stuff is way cool I didn't know this kind of stuff was out there. My son has an associated sc10 thats around 8 years old I'm wondering if it would be worth while to try and convert it to look like the current short course trucks or could it be a candidate for a trophy truck make over?if so eventually I'd like to go brushless, he fried the speed controler and we have an old one with no reverse mode in it right now and the batteries are all thrash so I thought working on the cosmetics and then take my time on the running gear. Overall it's in nice shape other than some electronics and it seems like it could make a good play car.

the light bars would be the first to get thrashed on my trophy truck

Geez 5! of them and I can't figure out how to get 1 in the budget!......Bravo Jeff thats too cool!!

Now to REALLY make you soil your knickers Wally , I've got over a grand invested in that red pulling truck above lol . As for your older truck what I would do is buy yourselves an Associated SC10 RTR
( ready to run ) and use the old truck as spares that way you get all updated radio gear . Plus in end long run it'll be cheaper than replacing all the old parts to update it . Not sure if there's a hobby shop near you but Tower Hobbies has them for $199.98 stock # ASCD29** it comes with a 17turn brushed motor , speed control thats already brushless compatable and radio . Hope this helps and have fun with it .
You can reach Tower Hobbies at or 1-800-637-6050

Perfect mj thought it might be a fun project to try and switch it over but it could become cost prohibative this sounds like a better idea ....Thanks enjoy the race if it ever
gets going!!!!

Yeah this prerace show is going down hill FAST LOL how many more Danica interviews can they do lol .

actually only 4, I have obtained 5 Trucks for some friends we go racing locally at a home made track out in the middle of a field

Still that's a great video all that orange Speed energy coming at the camera laughed my ass off!!....wait!....."Only4" :-))

Thanks Wally glad you enjoyed it.

Question not sure if it me or I am expecting too much. The stock shocks and springs don't rebound all the way.... is this normal?


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