I guess Robby Gordon is no longer NASCAR’s public enemy number # 1…..Steve Wallace is such an idiot and yet NASCAR does nothing about it…I am sure glad people are taking actions into their own hands.

Steve Wallace getting his hair pulled by a crew chief is classic….


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Plus I don't think that is the 1st or 2nd time Wallace has taken that team out of a race. A couple people (TV) said it was the 4th time Wallace was the reason that team was taken out of a race..
and $ 5000 lighter in the wallet.
Uncle Spencer needs to talk to the boy..............
Jerry Baxter's been around awhile and it's pry not the first time Blinky's shortend his race day, i think the main reason for the hair tug was the obvious, Patricks last going out race on his home turf, and here come's blinky 3 wide..again- sometime's you can only take so much, we just see the reaction!
I heard somewhere that Montreal was the last race of 2011 for the 99.
good sarcasm.... i get it


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