I guess Robby Gordon is no longer NASCAR’s public enemy number # 1…..Steve Wallace is such an idiot and yet NASCAR does nothing about it…I am sure glad people are taking actions into their own hands.

Steve Wallace getting his hair pulled by a crew chief is classic….


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Rusty's post race talk with Steve:
There's no way, *no* way that you came from *my* loins. Soon as I get home, first thing I'm gonna do is punch yo mamma in da mouth!
It's always the same with him. With 5 or 8 laps to go, he takes the inside, goes in WAY too hot, knowing full well the guy on the outside will pay the price and chances are he will be "ok". I watched him single handidly cause the last 3 cautions at Toyota All Star challenge at Irwindale this past spring by doing this. Moved him up 1 or 2 spots but took out 5 or 6 other guys in the process. He's just a wreck waiting to happen.
I just wonder how his pappy feels up in the booth seeing his boy consistently getting beaten by the princess? That's the part that makes me smile............
I am amazed that Robby didn't get blame for something in the Mich. race.
ok pulling someone's hair isn't a very manly thing to do, what a wimp move.

but Steve is a menace and doesn't belong in nascar, he's an idiot. I felt that way about him for years.

If Rusty wants his team to move foward he needs to find better drivers.
Just like a little league dad/coach the kid will drive as long as pop is writting the checks.
No, Pulling hair is a girly thing, but damn, it was funny to see Blinkie get his hair pulled while daddy was upstairs in the booth hahahaha
Unfortunatly for Steven he is trying to uphold a legacy that he is incapable of doing. Kyle Busch was the same way but not nearly as bad as Steven. Kyle matured, Steven hasn't, couple that with his arrogance and you have disaster.
Kyle Busch can DRIVE.
better than anyone
hahaha, Kyle Busch tried to live up to Kurt for like.... ummm... 2 weeks. hahahaha
I think what people/racers also have a big problem with is the level of protection from critically negative comments he gets from having his DADDY(& daddies friends) in the both at espn. Craven was quick call out brad k. A couple of races ago when he made a move for the win but their was barely a mark on his car, yet steven has hooked people into the wall and they just don't call like they would if it were someone else. Daddy & friends in both/. Sponsor who puts money into espn pockets through tv ads = best possible spin on anything he does.


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