Though this would be a good spot to say what went right, wrong, and give kudos to the RGM gang for what I thought was a Clutch Performance at the 2009 Shelby 427.

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He should have stayed out with Bowyer, to give him a better shot at a top 5. The worst he could have done was 17th. It was nice to see Robby G do so well with the new Toyota. GAS ON!!
damned if you do, damned if you don't. I think if he would have had better finishes the first few races, he would have.
Bad car

Good luck

Timely cautions

No real mistakes by the team

More lucky than good, but hell....take it and hopefully the car is better next week.
I would totally agree with the exception of one thing- Great calls on the adjustments by Robby and Kirk. That was a major part of keeping the car better than 31.50 most of the race. Atlanta will be better yet!
After he got the lucky dog and got back on the lead lap, he seemed to be quick (enough) and was actually passing some cars in traffic.

It really faded towards the end though......


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