Though this would be a good spot to say what went right, wrong, and give kudos to the RGM gang for what I thought was a Clutch Performance at the 2009 Shelby 427.

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they finished 15th, everything went right.
it about time he finished good.
Very solid performance by the entire team. Took what could have been a bad deal and turned into a positive.

Way to go Robby and team!!
The crew pulled together when it counted and RGM took what could have been a horrible day and got a very respectable finish. The monkey is off their back so to speak. Now its time to build on this finish and go to Atlanta and continue to move forward.. good job to all the crew and Rob for hanging in there and driving smart!
Well, lessee, he beat: Jimmie, Matt, Mark, David Ragan, Tony (sucky finish for him dang it!), and 20+ others. Works for me! I don't care how they did it and it got him some TV time, so all is well!
Great solid performance!! The entire team needs to be congratulated. Remember, "Success is only achieved when all parts of the team work together"!! I think you showed that today! Great job Robby!!
Great job....not sure i agree with going into pit the last time ,but still finished really strong and he should be good at ATL.... Keep it up we need a great year
Prior to the last stop-lap times were off-Robby would have had a hard time holding position to cars with fresh tires.Fresh rubber work'd out in my opinion
5 seconds away from 2 laps down-saved by a caution
It was a great finish, but I was on listening to the scanner and the car seemed to suck pretty bad though. I can't wait to be there to watch Robby next weekend! =)
Great finish for the RGM team! Robby finally got some luck today (compared to normal).. Geez..... I hope they didn't use a years worth of luck in this one race!!!! lol...

Something I did notice and respected today while listening to the trackpass scanner.. Good communication between Robby and C.C. At times Robby would want to start working on something different to try and make the car better, but Kirk (the C.C.) would put his input in. Result? both seeing the same goal and saying " As long as we are in this together".


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