Planet Robby

2018 Robby Gordon Headquarters

Saturday, April 15, 2017 

6:00 AM – BITD Motorcycle/Quad Staging at Start Line 6:30 AM – Start – Desert Race – (Finish Line cut-off 9:45 am)

9:30 AM – BITD UTV Team Staging at Start Line *10:00 AM – Start – Desert Race – (Finish Line cut-off 1:45 pm)

10:30 AM – MC Quad Awards Presentation – Finish Line – Ford Mesa

2:00 PM – Youth Race Staging at Start Line 2:30 PM – Start (1/2 Hour Race)

2:45 PM – Short Course UTV Staging at Start Line *3:15 PM – Start – Short Course Race – (Finish Line cut-off 5:15 pm)

Timing and scoring is not mandatory for competitors for these events. Check back Saturday morning for tracking links if available.

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More entries than 2016 Baja 500 or 1000 and ZERO coverage.

lap 3 of 10 complete for the leaders. Who are the leaders , no idea really. worst reporting ever for an event this hype'd.IMO


I'm trying to get info from the team...standby....

this was first reported at approx.noon


12:49 UTVU twitter,
918,944,935,910,919 after 7/10 laps


just reported 1:38pm ts
They fixed it...went back out! Broke the right rear now! Looks like Max was in the car with Robby

Phil Blurton in the @nolimitsxs #maverickx3 edges out @jlcognito by :24 to take the 2017 @polarisrzr @utvworldchampionship powered by @monsterenergy overall win in the @safecraft desert championship race! #UTVWC #utvugraceteam #utvunderground


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