Planet Robby

2018 Robby Gordon Headquarters

Saturday, April 15, 2017 

6:00 AM – BITD Motorcycle/Quad Staging at Start Line 6:30 AM – Start – Desert Race – (Finish Line cut-off 9:45 am)

9:30 AM – BITD UTV Team Staging at Start Line *10:00 AM – Start – Desert Race – (Finish Line cut-off 1:45 pm)

10:30 AM – MC Quad Awards Presentation – Finish Line – Ford Mesa

2:00 PM – Youth Race Staging at Start Line 2:30 PM – Start (1/2 Hour Race)

2:45 PM – Short Course UTV Staging at Start Line *3:15 PM – Start – Short Course Race – (Finish Line cut-off 5:15 pm)

Timing and scoring is not mandatory for competitors for these events. Check back Saturday morning for tracking links if available.

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1 lap of ? is complete in the short course race

it appears it was 2 laps. the winner has finished and he only has a @twitter handle for a name?

@RJ37 is RJ Anderson, as if everyone knows that

Well .... wheels are a tough deal. Sounds like it's running well. That's way better than last time.

Reminds me of the teething issues during the Hummer development.

For all the hype, record number of entries, and big league sponsors this had the worst, most bush league coverage ever. Your local Saturday night short track provides better coverage and more timely information. What a joke.

Yep, it was bad. KOH still best coverage from the middle of nowhere ....
one word discribes the media content provided by MadMedia, UTVUnderground and Jim Beaver.HORRID
We, the Planet do a Yugely better job with the limited info from a different contingent an those folks did being 'media' businesses.


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