Saturday, April 15, 2017 

6:00 AM – BITD Motorcycle/Quad Staging at Start Line 6:30 AM – Start – Desert Race – (Finish Line cut-off 9:45 am)

9:30 AM – BITD UTV Team Staging at Start Line *10:00 AM – Start – Desert Race – (Finish Line cut-off 1:45 pm)

10:30 AM – MC Quad Awards Presentation – Finish Line – Ford Mesa

2:00 PM – Youth Race Staging at Start Line 2:30 PM – Start (1/2 Hour Race)

2:45 PM – Short Course UTV Staging at Start Line *3:15 PM – Start – Short Course Race – (Finish Line cut-off 5:15 pm)

Timing and scoring is not mandatory for competitors for these events. Check back Saturday morning for tracking links if available.

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Watch for Robby and the SpeedCat Arctic Cat #927 Pro Turbo and #1977 Pro Production

So RG and Kellon are racing twice?

My gut would lead me to believe we see something similar to the Parker 250 (hint all vehicles are on the course at the same time).


Robby is racing the SPEEDCAT77 #927 today.

Green flag at 1pm/et (10am/pt)

Gordon will be the 21st UTV off the line

Great Draw. There's gonna be a lot of traffic out there.

Max Gordon will be racing #1977 in the short course race at 6:15pm/et (3:15pm/pt)

TOG/Mike, is there tracking this race? Can't seem to find a good link...

no tracking that I've found. Jim Beaver claims there will something up on the UTV Underground FB page

Staging has begun for the @Safecraft Desert #UTVWC Race. 2016 Champ @MitchGuthrie5 will be starting in the from row. 10 wide in the first row and 18 wide in the back rows. This land rush start is going to be intense! @PolarisRZR @MonsterEnergy

@RobbyGordon and @RhysMillenRacing getting some words in before the start of the @Safecraft #UTVWC Desert Race. @PolarisRZR @MonsterEnergy

in full disclosure, posts are reposts from Race-Dezert FB and UTVUnderground FB


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