Penske to build Dodge engines in 2013 while competing in Ford's

Bob Dillner is reporting that Penske is going to keep building Dodge engines next year, and that RPM is probably going to be "The Dodge Team".

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makes sense. Roger has alot vested in his engine department & it is separate from the raceshop.

Question is, if Robby is still in a Dodge - is Penske going dumb down the motors for Robby and who ever is driving a dodge, knowing how competitive Robby is and the fact all the dodges are their & fords competition?

that would be bad business. Penske is a professional. They are only selling motors. They are not selling secrets about how to get the car to power off the corners better :)

Sounds positive TOG.
As it stands right now and all depending ifdodge picks up a couple more drivers Penske will basically be building engines for Robby or 1 Dodge. Not knowing if Robby will be back and driving a Dodge next year that could be cost prohibitive for them. And if J.A. Could get his engine program to the top it would be good to see Robby show his loyalty and shun Penske & Dodge since they're providing minimal support. Just my opinion.

Wel see what the future holds.

I wonder if this means Penske won't be building Ford engines? Or will Penske engine shop build Dodges and Fords, and maybe even Chevy IndyCar motors? Could be a lucrative biz for Roger, if anyone could afford them.

Ya, but RPM is basically a Roush team and they run Fords, with Petty name only!! Very interesting indeed.

They could buy rolling chassis from RGM, then Robby could afford more Gibbs chassis.

So, Penske will build engines for who? This must mean we will hear an announcement soon of a big team moving to Dodge. I cant imagine Penske would keep his shop open for a couple RGM races a year and maybe another bottom tier team.

Could it mean Dodge will pay for RGM's 2013 motors? Hmmm

Oops, I just saw the RPM part.... my bad

Well we all know how interested Dodge seems to be in RGM.
When Hummer went up for sale Robby should have gotten out of Nascar and bought them and Rocked The World with a whole new approach to building high end SUV's.

Nascar sucks now days and will not get any better in the near future.

Nascar has indeed turned the corner, and next year with the new cars coming out, its a whole new ballgame.


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