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Penske to build Dodge engines in 2013 while competing in Ford's

Bob Dillner is reporting that Penske is going to keep building Dodge engines next year, and that RPM is probably going to be "The Dodge Team".

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EXACTLY!!!!! That is the question & mystery....

Hmmmm, if RPM switches to Dodge, where will they get their chassis from? Their fleet of old Roush cars won't be competitive for very long. Perhaps they'll buy old Penske cars?

you convert the fords to dodge, just like RG when he converted from Toyota to Dodge

does RPM own or lease their Roush chassis? I was of the belief they leased both chassis and engines.

no idea.

My guess is lease. If you recall, RPM almost missed the Phoenix race in 2010 because Roush held the cars at Texas because of missed/late lease payments by George Gillett. I know that RPM has changed hands and is a completely different organization than it was in 2010, but I would guess the relationship to Roush is similar.

What does Robby drive next year?
I just hope Robby can afford Penske engines next year.
Keep the Faith.

Roger Penske is very professional and his integrity would never allow an engine to be dumbed down - stupid question. I just hope that RG can come back with a vengeance, solely owned or with a partner, or two. We need him in a competitive position so he can show his stuff - true colors....

Looking forward to my annual Watkins Glen visit in August... he is a fan favorite there.

TOG - do you think he'll do Montreal this year?


Dang, i was hoping Dodge was going to fade into the wind. Wishful thinking i suppose...

Your wishful thinking may be true!

From what I know, RPM is basically Roush....with the Petty name! For RPM to switch to Dodge....ya never know!


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