What a joke!!!! Where is parity??? Somebody could have gotten hurt and nobody got suspended for at least one race. NASCAR will definitely lose a lot of viewers if they cannot find a solution to the penalty situation. I am tired of the golden boys coming out with a slap on the hand. They get a fine--but the ultimate laugh on that, they get in back at the end of the year because it goes in the points purse.

I am tired of the way that they have treated Robby and really tired of the way that they treat their golden boys. So--Robby, fight away since no one else seems to have the right paraphanelia to accomplish anything. At least you make the races exciting--so PLEASE--throw your helmet--toss it my way!!! Keep up doing things your way--I am tired of the spoon fed comments from the rest.

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I agree...they need to really get their act together on this...however last time I checked, they did away with the fine's going back to the points purse a few years ago...I believe now it goes to NASCAR charities.
What happens to the money from the penalties? Starting in 2008, all money collected from fines issued to drivers go to the NASCAR Foundation for its charitable initiatives; before, the money collected from driver/crew member penalties are generally placed into the Drivers Points Fund awarded at the end of the season.


you would think Busch might draw a little bigger penalty because he endangered other people but - here is where I think NASCAR is playing with fire - Montoya deliberately wrecked Newman, Bush deliberately wrecked Harvick under caution even, and NASCAR looked the other way in both cases.

So the message is: wrecking somebody at speed or under caution on the track is OK. Or, as in the case with Jeff Gordon, as long as it happens during the race, it's OK. - That is a dangerous precedent.
I totally agree--I do not want to see anyone hurt. However, if it gets down to fist fighting--let the boys play. I have yet to see too many of them take off their helmets and really fight. That is why I would always chose Robby to have my back. He is excitement--and I really would love to see more of it. I actually remember when he could not say anything--the weight issue at Indy and Danica--the problem is that what he says is true and sometimes no one really likes hearing the truth.
People are noticing, and speaking up about it:

Start'n'Park blog: Robby gets the short stick once again
Nice find.

Still laughing about "Conway and his pesky enlarging sponsor"
I was at Darlington this year working emergency services. I watch the pit road incident. Kevin didn't get out his car until he saw his crew were close. No Busch crew members were running down. No endangered ppl were around them. Nascar needs to be more fair with all drivers. A year probation for an unseen fight in the garage. Nothing to Conway. Kyle and Kevin get 4 race probation. Really. Is RG some threat. Always the harshest penalties goes to RG. Harvick gets nothing.
Lets see..elbow guard driving to basket in nba playoff's = 5 games with no pay(around $750,000)..shove driverless car into wall with people standing in area..basically nothing
If it had been Carl Long and Charles Lewandoski getting into it at the end of a truck race a'la Busch-Harvick they would have received $250,000 fines and 1 year suspensions.

Oh wait, NASHOLE already did that to Long for having a shitty worn out and marginally out of spec engine that didn't live one lap - in practice.
Nascar will always stick it to the little man. Brain France is all about dollars, Unlike his father and Grand-father, they actually put the sport first. He will never do that as you can see in the attendance. Another 10 years it will be as bad as IRL.
Already is !


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