Parker 250 Jan 6-7 2017 ----- Gordon has 2 UTV's entered!

There are two Arctic Cats entered under the name GORDON for this weekend's Parker 250. This race is for MC's, Quads and UTV's only. One GORDON entry #927 is in the highly competitive Pro Production Turbo class. The other GORDON entry is in the less competitive Pro Unlimited class. Anyone here on Planetrobby know more about this?

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Tony price commenting on this is great

Thanks @Bricoop !!!

Don't know if it's been reported already, Casey folks was airlifted from the parker race to a Vegas hospital. Race dezert ramblings say maybe a seizure? Not good he's no youngster.
@FD, we covered it yesterday in 'chat'. Get well Casey

Hi all Planet members,
Well, the Can Am X3 of Murray Racing #917 started 3rd off the line and got the hole shot on the Polaris Turbo next to us. We moved up to first on course by RM 30 and hauling the mail ......but then had the first of 4 flats in the next 50 miles. All four wheels/tires were new and each failed one at a time. No punctures to the ITP Ultracross tires....rims leaked apparently. After we installed spares on all 4 corners we were back running pretty well.. We finished 9th in class which is like a punch to the gut for us having got 2nd place in the 2016 Class Championship. Regardless, this was our 47th BITD race in a row without a DNF which we are very proud we never give up when $hit happens.

I was logging split times of the Turbo Class and the Speed Energy UTV's being I'm a fan of RG's for 20 years. Sheldon crushed everyone that first lap and was the overall leader IMO. Not sure what happened to him on lap 2 but he fell behind the pace of the leaders. I was glad Max finished on the podium and I look forward to seeing him and his Dad in future races.

Excellent. Amazing no DNF record,
It escapes my memory , what Sheldon/Steve's hick-up

Thanks! Hopefully someone will remember if it came up on the Chat line.

Maybe it wasn't an issue and more of, we're the fastest UTV in class and RG is out, let's make sure we finish?
Congrats on your DNF streak.

Max and Sheldon with George Antill.


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