Parker 250 Jan 6-7 2017 ----- Gordon has 2 UTV's entered!

There are two Arctic Cats entered under the name GORDON for this weekend's Parker 250. This race is for MC's, Quads and UTV's only. One GORDON entry #927 is in the highly competitive Pro Production Turbo class. The other GORDON entry is in the less competitive Pro Unlimited class. Anyone here on Planetrobby know more about this?

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There is rumored to be 'chat' on Saturday! ;-)

I'm with Murray Racing and we're running #917 so we'll be out there with the GORDON #927 in the Pro Production Turbo class\.....and 38 others. I hope it's RG himself. With open ECU's some guys will be running with 200hp in that group!

Max did a tremendous job at the last Parker race and if he's running in the Pro Unlimited class #2937 with only 7 entered in class......he has a good shot at the podium!

Yes, there will be more information on this on Friday. We are looking forward to the race!

Looking forward to seeing them race on Sat. Thinking about running out there tomorrow for tech to check things out.

TOG wasn't joking. Look how cool this thing looks:

safecraftGood luck to Max Gordon this weekend at the GMZ UTV Winter Nationals in Parker AZ. He will be racing the Safecraft SST UTV! This thing looks awesome and we can't wait to see him beat up the competition in it! Good luck buddy! This UTV has our automatic system installed and ready to protect Max!@ssupertrucks @robbygordon #safecraft #maxgordon #utv #parker250 #offroad #startthemyoung #raceeverything

This isn't what Max raced at Parker it appears to be the same cars that were raced in Baja, longer wider more travel and about double the hp. he was working with before. Gonna be very fast.

Max said it, we will bring a Machine gun,, he was no kidding,. totally awesome!!

scoring-tracking for today's BiTD 250 event

classes to follow 900 Pro Production Turbo
917 -Murray Racing- Planet member
927- RG
974- Sheldon Creed

and 2900 Pro Unlimited
2937 Max Gordon

for the Pro Unlimited race, track has Robby 2947 and Sheldon 2948 listed

there may have been a change of class's for RG and Sheldon

Was Looking for rules and changes : 1st Info Letter – revised 12/9/16 – UTV’s will race 3 laps with a Gran Prix finish, when the leader comes in you will all be flagged to come in.  General letter regarding the race.  Details will be sent out in the FIP (Final Information Packet) on draw day, Dec 21.


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