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"The Bolivian section maintains the feature of three days' racing at high altitude”. From Dakar website regarding new route. Hope the rules changed for motor restrictions or Robby has a something up his sleeve to be more competitive at high altitude!! Any ideas folks?

I thought Robby and the other petrol rigs ... were very competitive at higher elevations last year.

In the seventh stage up to Uyuni, Bolivia ... 2 of the top-3 were Toyotas ... and Robby finished 9th (10 min. behind) ... even after taking a wrong-way taxi turn.

I don't see a need for a rule change.

Yes, in that stages rabby had oil pressure problema due the high altitudes during the stage between Bolívia and Argentine. Looking at this map Robby needs to be faster because the 4x4 of the Minis, and Toyota's are the most favores in this kind of roads (WRC style). It will be an awesome battle
@Javier,the oil pressure problem had nothing to do with altitude.Sea level or 10k feet. The engine was wounded from the starter ring breaking and tearing up the back of the block (JMO)

Mike, a question for you ... you know race engines ... aside from forgetting to replace the filler cap ... how else does dirt get inside a LS7 dry-sump oil tank ... the last I heard, Robby is still confused ... jeje

Mike ok, thanks for the correction. I'm not an expert in engine and mechanics just a fan of motorsports and of course of Robby. Regards

@Javier, this picture may help with the visual

Here comes the red bull contender. Let the games begin

Still looks ass happy

Twerking makes it's way into the Dakar.

The Gordini will kick their asses.


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