April 29th- May 6th, 2022


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Mad Max ( winner of race 1 at the 2022 Long Beach Grand Prix ) will pilot Old Besty at the NORRA 1K. Old Betsy was made famous by Baja Bob Gordon.

Ole Betsy is cool!

First stage is Sunday

Robby stated in tonight's presentation, Ryan and Butch Arciero.
Sunday 9:00AM PT, cars start the first stage

9:00am is staging
9:30am is start time
my bad

schedules mean nothing
live now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKn5i7YFk-Q

Max's ride headed to the line

Day 1 was a challenge for Max and Ryan -160th overall with a 30min penalty
Day 2 starts 61st at 10:18:30


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