April 26- May 3 2019


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tracking is a lil wonkey BUT STILL BETTER THAN SCORE

Today was apparently a challenge. 105th on the second stage was the highlight stage of the day. 74th Overall -1:18:37

thanks, Mike.

Max and RG start time today is 9:13:30 119th, should be a good day to pass cars.

Long day Racing, probably 5: pm to finish

I was optimistic, it's 6:pm pt, and the Gordon's have just headed South at the Y

9:17pm 1977 is in in

The Gordon’s start at 11:20:30 Mountain Time today. 132nd .For tracking reference ping the #78, they have been close the couple days.

Update. Today you can ping the 1977, the bad news , they are at 0mph just a little ways out from the start

Not a good day

It appears that the 1977 and 4454 are trailering to La Paz. It's 7:56pm pt, we'll see how close to the La Paz finish party they are in a bit.


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