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2017 Robby Gordon Headquarters

That’s what the picture sadly says, But I’ll be there. Anyone else? If you see anyone wearing SPEED and NHMS, that’s me. Say Hi. Maybe we can meet at the souvenir trailer (sorry).

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Things that make you say HMMMMMMM ?

@MJ, my standard one beer bet.Dodge will barely mention/or not at all, Robby/RGM.You in?

I'd owe ya a beer bud we both know they don't give a rats ass . I really think if they do have anything to do with Robby it'll be strictly as a satalite team for whatever " big name " team they sign 
Anyone but me think Krista Voda is looking especially cute as a cowgirl 
I've since developed a middle school crush on her this season.

fair enough-yes , it would be a sucker bet (IMO) much like Bubba being SX Champion.

Lmao or Dale Jr winning the championship this yr lol 

When is this announcement? Prob that Richard Petty is coming back???

I've been a 'racing' fan and racer long before Robby. Why change now? Stick and ball sports? No thank you.
Super cross tv coverage is tape delay'd -for scoring
Formula 1 tonight,this might be interesting.
Trucks at Rockingham tomorrow-Speed
IndyCar at Long Beach -for scoring

Told ya what ya gotta do just randomly pick a drivers # out of a hat then you root for that driver . It makes for some interesting picks like last race at Martinsville I had Juan Pablo Montoya this wk I have Bobby Labonte 

nemechek won't be able to last much longer not making races, js. cup racing is a tough gig. and key motorsports s+p three, count them, 3 cars yesterday

raceday chat will be available this evening


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