Tommy Baldwin sent out a tweet saying his cars have switched to from #36 to #7.

I guess if Robby Races it will be 77?

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Your to funny, hang in.

Hey we are close to 90% on save the planet. That gets us another year right? It just may be a little slow until April 6th.

Time to scrape off the " #7 " on 3 cars! I guess its time for some "speed" !

That is a shame as RG definitely spiced up the Montreal Nationwide races. Some of the best NASCAR races of the season.

A different number is a different number. Just because someone else is using the 7 doesn't really mean much. I am sure we would all be happy if there was an announcement that RG was driving the Qatar sponsored No Pork Pontiac with the number 69 on it. If any of have driven in a series or 2 over the years numbers changed, or play on a team sport. The number on the door didn't change the driver talent.

I just want competitive runs in whatever he is driving, regardless of series. If the business community wanted him to run in a "7" it can still happen.

LOL. This post is one of the better ones I have seen in a while. Very true.

RG had no idea about this but he laughed and said whatever, it's better for us.

Robby should find a one race deal with an outlandish sponsor and race with the #3 on it... With Whatever! Across the bumper! Kinda give the old finger to NASCAR

I take it you don't realize that in NASCAR (just like any form of motorsport) the car numbers have to be approved by the sanctioning body before hand because they have to be leased from the sanctioning body for the team to run that number.

I'm a little bit surprised that NASCAR didn't at least contact Robby about this before the gave the number away. I know they have no obligation to, but you would think they would at least pretend to extend a professional courtesy in a situation like this.

known fact: he will run the 7 in SST

On NBC, the Keller interview about Robby was great! Robby's no altar boy..vary funny!


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