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No full-season RGM next year, or just no full-season Robby ?

 Jayski had an artical today about the possiblity of short fields next year, citing both  issues at Petty, and Robby's quote about not wanting to run all the races as evidence that there may indeed be short fields in some of the 2011 races.

   So I had to wonder if this means that when Robby does not run, no cars from RGM will run, as the article implied, or if there is a solid commitment in place ( via the continued presence of  Conroy and the Extenze money ? )  for the company to attempt all the races next year, even if Robby is not the driver.

  My guess is that the writer may not have understood the drift of Robby's comments, but it did leave me wondering how firm the situation for next year might be at this point in time.


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Robby only wants to run a limited cup schedule next year,picking & choosing the markets that he sees best fit for his product & team. If that means the #7 has to qualify on time for events after the first 5 races,then they will prepare for that.
And with short fields, who would care? I have been saying for months that enough teams are going to go away at the the top 35 thing is going to be a moot point after Daytona next season.
racing is very,very,very expensive
"Robby only wants to run a limited cup schedule next year,picking & choosing the markets that he sees best fit for his product & team."

" limited schedule....for his product & team" it sounds as though it's now a given that the RGM team may choose not attempt to field cars for some of the races next year, and thus is contemplating not running a full schedule in 2011 ?

Granted things are in flux, and as we have all come to know, anything could happen, but the Jayski article seemed to make that same assumption, despite the fact that I've not really heard a statement one way or another as to the possibility of the team simply ignoring some of the races next year.

I understand that it's a hard world, and that there are practical concerns, but I would sure hate to see that it's come to this.

:- (
What I took away from it was that the new company is going to (hopefully) provide enough money for Robby to be competative. Robby wants to show up and be able to win.......Robby knows there are just some tracks he will not win why burn the $......

I would say the days of Robby showing every weekend are done.......I would rather only watch him run 18-24 races where he can run upfront as opposed to watching him limp around at all of them becuase the organazation is stretched to thin.

The other thing to keep in mind, and I know I'm preaching to the choir....but Robby is more than a NASCAR racer....being full time NASCAR gets in the way of all the other cool racing (OFF Road, Indy ect).......

I think Speed Energy is what RGM needed to take it to the next level......I'm personally super pumped for Robby and for the futrue of RGM.....The other thing...Robby is a master at audibles.. You always have to stay tuned
Wasn't that Kevin Conway at the track with his Speed Factory duds on? He is helping out at the track even though he isn't driving, so I hope Robby is mentoring him and he gets some opportunity in the future (after Homestead).
yes, Kevin was at the track with RG.
You are doing better than Manning them I think he is up to a 5.6 in the 40........
It will interesting to see what Robby does after race #5 next season...Robby could be sitting very well inside the points and lots of SPEED selling good... might be another "audible" in the making...
If the #7 is comfortably within the top 35 after 5 races, it would only make sense for Robby to find someone to drive the #7 for the races he isn't going to run. If he is easily in the top 35, it probably be pretty easy to find a talented driver to drive...


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